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Stozharov, Vladimir F., Moscow

*1926      +1973

Stozharov Vladimir Fedorovich
A Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, an Honored Artist of Russian Federation, laureate of the I. E. Repin State prize of RSFSR (gold medal )
V. Stozharov was born in 1926 in Moscow.
1939 - 1945 studied at Moscow Intermediate Art School
In 1951 graduated from the Moscow Surikov State Art Institute. V.V.Pochitalov, D.K.Mochalski and G.K.Savitski were his professors.
Landscapes, still-lifes and genre are the central subjects of his creative work.
He travelled a lot in his country and abroad. 1946-1950 creative trips to Kostroma and Yaroslavl regions, 1952 Siberia- Baikal Sea, Issyk-Kul Sea, Irkutsk and Omsk. 1953 Enirey and Angara rivers. 1954 Kazakhstan- Virgin land. In 1960-s V.Stozharov started to travel around Russian North. He was interested in remote corners of the country where the original wooden buildings and uncommon characters were still preserved. He was fascinated by "white nights" , bright sunsets, gloomy lovering clouds of northern skies and original architecture of the countryside, hence his wonderful pictures

Dusk. 1960iesAstrakhan. In the bay.1948At pasture. 1952